My take on my Mom's dish.

(For two people – Recipe scales linearly, but be careful with the microwave times)

3 Large or extra-large eggs

6 Tablespoons whole milk

About ¼ teaspoon salt, freshly grated black pepper

Crack the eggs into a microwave-proof dish.

Add the milk.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Beat very thoroughly with a fork to form a homogeneous mixture of uniform color. Then beat for a little longer until the custard is bubbly.

Microwave repeatedly starting at about 30 seconds and decreasing by 5 seconds each time until the desired consistency is reached. Beat gently between each microwaving, scraping the firm parts from the sides and bottom and mixing thoroughly.

Serve on or alongside buttered toast on warmed plates.

Smoked salmon is a good accompaniment.

If you like, after the 20 second microwave, add either finely chopped chives; finely chopped parsley; or grated cheese such as strong cheddar.

(My Mom used to make this in a small saucepan on top of one of the side plates of an Esse (anthracite) stove that we had in three houses from when I was eight years old or so. She always maintained that the secret to good scrambled eggs was the frequent stirring. She was a good cook and tried new recipes constantly, but I never heard her mention having tried the other method – quelle horreur -- of mushing up eggs in a hot pan.)