A slightly modified version of a New York Times Food Recipe of Mark Bittman


4 tablespoons butter

½ pound ripe Gorgonzola

6 ounces arugula, washed and dried.    Spinach, or a mix of spinach of arugula, works as well

1 pound cut pasta, like ziti or farfalle

Salt and pepper


Bring a large pot of water to boil for pasta.   Salt either very lightly or not at all since the Gorgonzola is pretty salty.

Meanwhile, melt butter over low heat in a small saucepan.    Take care not to brown it.

Add Gorgonzola and cook, stirring frequently, until cheese melts.

Keep warm while you cook the pasta.

Tear arugula into bits, or use a scissors to cut it.  Pieces should not be too small.

Cook pasta until it is al dente but not mushy.

Drain pasta reserving a little of the cooking water and return to the pot.

Add the arugula, sprinkle with grated pepper and toss.

Add the cheese mixture and toss, adding a bit of water if mixture seems dry.

Taste and add seasoning.    (The dish should take plenty of black pepper!)


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